2022 European Workshops: National Experiences

With this series of on-line workshops, we explore the state of play for demand response in various countries, and hear from key policy makers and stakeholders at national level their views and expectations, so as to facilitate exchanges of experiences throughout Europe.

Below, you may download the presentations made available after the workshops.

Your questions on past workshops and suggestions for future sessions are welcome any time by e-mail to …  info@dr4eu.org …Thank you!

Finland, among the forerunners in using DR for TSO services, but still hesitating to move further and actually open all electricity markets

Denmark, in high need for demand side response, due to large share of renewable intermittent generation, yet still having DR only for ancillary services (with a compensation charged to DR at spot price for “energy share” if any), and foreseeing participation in the wholesale market without need for any compensation nor regulation.

Italy, launched a pilot to have DR participate in ancillary services to the TSO, then extended it, still with compensation paid by DR at spot price. Participation in the wholesale market remains to be considered, although according to Terna, large amounts of flexibility are needed and to be found in residential and similar buildings, yet untapped.

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