Memos, studies and analyses

Please find here key documents regarding DR: reports, studies, analyses and memos.

Clean Energy Package

The Clean Energy Package establishes a common framework for all Member States to develop Demand Response.
The European Commission proposed this legislative package on Nov.30, 2016 to pave the way for the energy transition.

You will find here the key provisions regarding DR, both from the Directive (UE) 2019/944 and Regulation (UE) 2019/943, published in the OJEU in June 2019. >>>>>

Basic Implementation Guide

How to implement the Clean energy package?
BIG DR – this Basic Implementation Guide on Demand Response – was the first paper DR4EU derived from past experience of being involved in the negotiation of the Clean energy package – and now being in touch with national authorities trying to implement it.

This guide covers key aspects, from DR participation to all electricity markets without consent from third parties, to balance responsibilities and the so-called ‘compensation’ issue, solved as per the Clean energy package.

Quantifying the benefits of DR

A key provision from the Clean energy package refers to the benefits of DR for all suppliers and consumers. Indeed, benefits for suppliers will eventually be transferred to consumers, and benefits to consumers are the ultimate reason to develop DR – no to mention the pivotal contribution of DR to reduce the ease the energy transition not only by reducing costs for all, but also facilitating the efficient use of renewable energy.
Compass Lexecon used their pan-European model to quantify the benefits of having 30 GW of Demand Response in 2030.

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