European Workshops on National Experiences

With this series of on-line workshops, we explore the state of play for demand response in various countries, and hear from key policy makers and stakeholders at national level their views and expectations, so as to facilitate exchanges of experiences throughout Europe.

Below, you may download the presentations made available after the workshops, and, for some of them, watch the video extracts to hear the presenter’s comments.

Your questions on past workshops and suggestions for future sessions are welcome any time by e-mail to … …Thank you!

Hungary is very much involved in a quick and advanced development of renewables, notably solar, and concerned with the need to protect consumers from high and volatile retail prices, so that having Demand Response through aggregation participate in various markets at wholesale level may be the way to meet the needs for more flexibility in the national electricity system, as the discussion showed, with many steps already taken and some upcoming.

1. Intro and DGENER
3. Energy Ministry
6. energo and Q&A

Portugal is very advanced in several fields of the energy transition, with a high share of renewable including distributed generation, and related experiences for instance in energy communities – and now Portugal is quickly investigating the field of DR, starting with large consumers providing balancing services to the TSO, but also more recently involving DSO innovative approaches, and overall evolving legislation and regulatory framework.


Sweden has experienced DR participation in ancillary services to the TSO, with new provisions recently defined by the NRA to clarify roles. Moreover, a law was adopted this Spring to open all markets to DR, including day ahead, with detailed rules yet to be defined by the NRA, with upcoming consultations to be run during next months.

SE Min
Sympower & Vattenfall
Q&A and comments

Spain began to introduce the notion of independent aggregator in its legal framework and launched public consultations, but also recently a call for innovative projects on new business models to build experience in order to prepare for next steps. So far, some services to the TSO have been partially opened to the participation of DR.

M Bueno
M Rodrigo
J Salas
L Moreno
J Chaves
A Carrasco
A Sanchez
A Casas

Austria is preparing the full transposition of the Clean energy package, including provisions regarding demand response through aggregation. Building on experience of having DR participate in balancing services to the TSO (APG), they have quickly launched during past winter a specific peak shaving product.

Italy, launched a pilot to have DR participate in ancillary services to the TSO, then extended it, still with compensation paid by DR at spot price. Participation in the wholesale market remains to be considered, although according to Terna, large amounts of flexibility are needed and to be found in residential and similar buildings, yet untapped.

Denmark, in high need for demand side response, due to large share of renewable intermittent generation, yet still having DR only for ancillary services (with a compensation charged to DR at spot price for “energy share” if any), and foreseeing participation in the wholesale market without need for any compensation nor regulation.

Finland, among the forerunners in using DR for TSO services, but still hesitating to move further and actually open all electricity markets

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